NVA vs Team Hannibal

I didn´t know much about Team Hannibal, so I decided to check their older war reports. After finding their page I instantly clicked on the reports page and hoped to find recent results. But somehow TH had decided not to update their page since may 28th 2000. Hmm, not a bad tactic 🙂 Well, about half an hour before the war most of our players went to the Barrysworld server to check their connection. About 30 seconds later, I heard the first screams in battlecom: “ WAAAAAAAH, I can´t connect to WON .. wtf ???“

Right after the prematch was over i started hammering on my attack button and off we went. I came to the resupply, primed my conc, jumped down the battlement and made a perfect handheld concjump right to the enemy upper respawn. Too bad the top spiral soldier had heard my landing sound and lobbed some rockets right into my face 🙂 Nevertheless Nimrod managed to run past some soldiers and had the first touch. We soon managed to grab the flag and after some fighting we made the first cap. Now after some minutes, the chaos went on: punkbuster decided to kick 6 or 7 players of TH at once :). They reconnected promtly, but we decided to restart the whole map. This time the TH defense stood better and we didn´t manage to cap right after the first run. But our offence got better from minute to minute and managed to grab 6 flags and get them out while the TH offence only came past our defense two times. Nice game on 2fort even if our offence played a bit aggressive because they are not used to ceasefire on the bridge.

Well, having won the first half i was a bit scared that we would lose the second half, like about 90% of all games the season before 🙂 Our defense decided to play with 5 players and I was the one who had to take the spot at the battlements. After about 3 or 4 minutes my battlecom decided to leave me alone on the server and I had to continue the match without. Shortly after that Sir Elliot had some problems with his computer and dropped from the server. There was a lot of confusion in our defense at this point and TH managed to get the flag out with some nice moves of their offense. After Elliot returned to the server, i told my def that I was leaving them alone to get some flags out in offence 🙂 With four guys on offense we now managed to put alot more pressure on the defence of TH and managed to grab the flag 7 times with TH only getting it out one more time. Again our offence didn´t agree on ceasefire in the mid-section and it was a bit spammy on the bridge, but in my eyes it was a fair game all in all. Hope we will meet again sometime in the near future!

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