BWTFCL vs European Rebel Alliance

Next BWTFCL game was against ERA who we knew would be as hard an enemy as DW yesterday. Server was once again really good but the game began a little late due to the fact that the monitor of our engie went nuts and we had to find an 8th player.

First map was sd2 which, we thought, we were able to win even against ERA since we tend to win it against nearly everyone. But what we haven´t thought of was THAT kind of offense!! Man, those guys could bunnyhopp like hell and so our mainramp soldier was always swapping between ramp and flagroom, our sentry was nearly always down and therefore the lift too. Regarding to our dfens there was an enemy in our flagroom at almost any time.
Our off was as unlucky as our def because except one cap at the beginning of the map we were running against ERA def with nearly no success. They had two sentries and played with one off-ng and we had a hard time to get even one sentry down once in a while. We later switched to a two spy setup and had a few flagtouches more but we never got the flag out of their flagroom anymore. So ERA won this map at 10:60.


We were really depressed in the beginning of monkey_l but soon we saw that we could cap as fast as ERA could. Both teams now played with a 4/4 setup and so off-medics on both sides rushed the enemy base and capped all flags they could get their hands on 😉 After some time we saw that ERA was capping even faster than us and some time later they even had 30 points more than we had. But WareZ was saying we should cap faster now and so we did … because you NEVER disagree to what WareZ says!! 😉 We could make up for two flags but in the last seconds ERA could cap once more and so we lost with 120:140.


First halftime sucked bigtime but the 2nd map was one of the coolest games I´ve played in a long time 🙂 Thx to ERA for a fair and (at least partly) funny game.

NVA vs Digital Warfare

This seasons 2nd BWTFCL match was against Digital Warfare. Since last seasons match was kinda devastating we thought to have little chances in this match. Fortunatly the server was very good so even our isdn-players had neither choke nor loss.

First map was well which we decided to play with five def. DW chose a similar tactic but bunnyhopping medics on both sides made sure that both flags were soon out the flagrooms. Both teams were able to score twice in the first minutes. After that DW-off began to cap more often than our off which was somehow disturbing. After ca. 15 mins of playing DW changed their def-setup from two maindoor soldiers to a soldier/engie combo that I think was easier to crack with the right conc-jumps. We could rush their flagroom more often and were able to drop the flag a couple of times. Unfortunatly most times it returned soon but on two occasions we could cap so the result of that halftime was 40:60 and a win for DW.


Next map was badlands and we hoped to have better chances againt DW since they never had a match in badlands before. Well, that assumption proved to be true because after fifteen minutes of playing we had our third flag out of their base and our enemy had nothing but a few touches 🙂
After some changes in DW def-setup we had a lot more problems to get to their flag while they could finally cap our flag. Since we didn´t want to risk our victory on this map Warez changed to def so work for our off was harder but DW couldn´t cap once more. So nothing notable happend in the rest of the match and the result of this map was 30:10.


We had a lot of fun during this match (especially our off) and we hope DW don´t take it too hard that they´ve lost one map and therefore didn´t win the match.

NVA vs Team Hannibal

I didn´t know much about Team Hannibal, so I decided to check their older war reports. After finding their page I instantly clicked on the reports page and hoped to find recent results. But somehow TH had decided not to update their page since may 28th 2000. Hmm, not a bad tactic 🙂 Well, about half an hour before the war most of our players went to the Barrysworld server to check their connection. About 30 seconds later, I heard the first screams in battlecom: “ WAAAAAAAH, I can´t connect to WON .. wtf ???“

Right after the prematch was over i started hammering on my attack button and off we went. I came to the resupply, primed my conc, jumped down the battlement and made a perfect handheld concjump right to the enemy upper respawn. Too bad the top spiral soldier had heard my landing sound and lobbed some rockets right into my face 🙂 Nevertheless Nimrod managed to run past some soldiers and had the first touch. We soon managed to grab the flag and after some fighting we made the first cap. Now after some minutes, the chaos went on: punkbuster decided to kick 6 or 7 players of TH at once :). They reconnected promtly, but we decided to restart the whole map. This time the TH defense stood better and we didn´t manage to cap right after the first run. But our offence got better from minute to minute and managed to grab 6 flags and get them out while the TH offence only came past our defense two times. Nice game on 2fort even if our offence played a bit aggressive because they are not used to ceasefire on the bridge.

Well, having won the first half i was a bit scared that we would lose the second half, like about 90% of all games the season before 🙂 Our defense decided to play with 5 players and I was the one who had to take the spot at the battlements. After about 3 or 4 minutes my battlecom decided to leave me alone on the server and I had to continue the match without. Shortly after that Sir Elliot had some problems with his computer and dropped from the server. There was a lot of confusion in our defense at this point and TH managed to get the flag out with some nice moves of their offense. After Elliot returned to the server, i told my def that I was leaving them alone to get some flags out in offence 🙂 With four guys on offense we now managed to put alot more pressure on the defence of TH and managed to grab the flag 7 times with TH only getting it out one more time. Again our offence didn´t agree on ceasefire in the mid-section and it was a bit spammy on the bridge, but in my eyes it was a fair game all in all. Hope we will meet again sometime in the near future!

BWTFCL vs Crowbar United

Am 25.02. konnten wir endlich mal wieder ein Match gegen CU bestreiten. Einige von uns glaubten tatsächlich, dass wir doch noch mal ein BWTFCL-Spiel gewinnen könnten, aber ich persönlich bin inzwischen ganz fest davon überzeugt, dass die gesamte Liga verflucht ist, und so war es auch keine Überaschung, dass wir auch dieses Mal nicht mehr als ein Draw rausholen konnten …

Die NVA versuchte ihr Glück dieses Mal mit Riipa, OhGott, dem bösen Els, Rahvin, SirElliot, Warez, Turrican. Ausserdem haben Joker und Spaceman je eine Halbzeit der gegnerische Defense gezeigt, dass sie die längere Shotgun haben 😉

Die erste Halbzeit wurde Well gespielt. Der First Run verlief auf beiden Seiten wie erwartet – nämlich völlig erfolglos. CU konzentrierte sich neben dem obligatorischen HW im Wasser auf eine ziemlich harte Defense am Haupteingang. Es war folglich ziemlich schwer, erstmal in die Basis hineinzukommen, allerdings wurde alles relativ einfach, wenn man erstmal drin war. So konnten wir die gegnerische Flagge einige Male aus dem Flagroom stehlen, verloren sie dann allerdings auch relativ schnell wieder im Ramproom bzw. im Attic. Nur ein einziges Mal schafften wir es tatsächlich zu cappen. Alles in allem hat sich die Offense hier nicht besonders mit Ruhm bekleckert und es ist wohl unserer wohlorganisierten und fabelhaft ausgebildetetn Defense zu verdanken, dass wir diese Halbzeit doch noch ganz knapp mit 10:0 gewinnen konnten. *schleim* 🙂


Für die zweite Halbzeit war von der BWTFCL Enclave angesetzt worden. Nachdem wir die erste Halbzeit gewonnen hatten, beschloss unser BattleCom wohl, uns keine unfairen Vorteile zu verschaffen und stürzte ca. fünf Minuten nach Beginn der Halbzeit ab. Dementsprechend unkoordiniert verhielen sich dann auch Def und Off, so dass CU diese Halbzeit mit 12:38 relativ klar für sich verbuchen konnten.


Ich glaube, dies war das erste BWTFCL-Match, bei dem die Regeln mal zu unseren Gunsten ausgefallen sind, da wir ein nach Punkten eigentlich verlorenes Match immerhin als Draw gewertet wird.
Trotzdem möchten wir uns natürlich bei CU für ein faires, spassiges und backtrack- freies Match bedanken. Es war wie immer ein Vergnügen gegen euch zu spielen 🙂

NVA vs Digital Warfare

On February 15th we faced the famous clan DW in the BWTFCL. We were already short on members this evening, and it came even worse. Not enough, that we had to play without Nimrod, Jo3M, Turrican and Rahvin (*hugg hugg* Hope u´ll be back from hospital soon…), we lost Iceman, OhGott and TheEvilEls from a network-crash in their house … We tried to reschedule the match, but couldn’t find a date both clans agreed with. DW (is it standing for DefWin ??) told us a few times to give them a defwin, but of course we disagreed. If we didn’t remember them, they would have FORGOT the match .. meaning a defwin for US ….

So only Riipa, WaReZ, Spaceman, SirElliot, Dread, JokeR and Gandhi were able to fight, since DW rejected our request to use a „h0m0“ ringer. Ok, the rules were at their side, but it was quite llame imho …

The game started on a UKTFCL-Server, were our inner Defense SirElliot and Riipa had pings 200+. We decided to play anyway, and to use our server the second halftime. Also we decided to use a setup with five defense, since we didn’t trust our laggy inner defense. DW played with eight guys and did heluva job by runnin‘ right through our def with pyros and snipas and cappin‘ seven times. A „little“ bit angry ‚bout that farce I started to moan about the „heroes“ from DW .. and yes, I told them they suck. And yes, I mean it! So a little „discussion“ came up, and it looks like DW knows better how to insult players and their mothers than we do. 😛


Second halftime on our server, where all but one DW had quite nice pings. Only Biggz had a real nasty ping of 350. We played monkey_l and again we played with five defense after the 0:70 and as you might´ve thought we played with seven NVA against 8 DW again. Long time DW had a hard job to come and see our flag .. not to speak from taking it .. 😛 But later we broke and they capped our flag four times – of course not without celebrating their great victory again and of course not without telling us that we are arseholes.


We were really looking forward to this match, we had respect. But gals and guys, here comes the truth ‚bout DW: There is no reason for respecting these guys. Respect is earned for attitude .. not for skill. For sure these guys have some skill, but they have not a single litte spark of honor or pride in their bodys. If me must face DW again in a league, we will play the game .. and maybe this will be time for giving them back their own coins!

– /me, „this riipa-idiot with a mum sucking cocks“

GTFL vs Gods Of Egypt

Wie schon damals bei unserem GTFL Match gegen GoE waren auch dieses Mal die Umstände, unter denen das Spiel stattfand, recht ungewöhnlich. Einen Tag vor dem Match hatte Barry´s World nämlich bekanntgegeben, dass sie aufgrund von Geldmangel die Seite dichtmachen und alles was damit zusammenhängt … also auch die Liga. Da wir aber die Jungs von GoE ganz gut leiden können und da ein bisschen Training ohnehin nicht schaden kann, spielten wir das Match dennoch und ich durfte sogar speccen, da ich zu diesem Zeitpunkt leider nicht spielen konnte. Naja, wie das Leben so spielt, geht die Liga jetzt doch weiter und wir haben uns mit GoE darauf geeinigt, das Spiel nicht zu wiederholen.

Die NVA versuchte mit Riipa, Gandhi, OhGott, Turrican, Spaceman, Joker, Joem und Iceman erfolglos, ein brauchbares Setup gegen GoE zu finden.

Da wir GoE nach so vielen Spielen ja nun schon ein wenig kennen, war das beste, worauf wir auf rock2 hofften, ein draw. Die Defense unseres Gegners war dann auch erwartet stark, so dass während der gesamten Halbzeit nicht mehr als ein paar Keytouches drinwaren. Unsere Defense hingegen musste sich mit der Ex-DWalk und Jetzt-GoE Off rumschlagen und hatte dabei doch arge Probleme. Zweimal schaffte es unser Gegner unseren vollklimatisierten Yard mit total widerlichem Giftgas zu überfluten, das Endergebnis folglich 0:30.


Für die zweite Halbzeit war openfire angesetzt worden und da wir auch diese Map schon gegen GoE gespielt hatten, gingen den meisten von uns Gedanken wie „Oh nein, nicht schon wieder … *heul*“, „D´oh“ oder „Ich hau ab und gründe einen ‚Baldur´s Gate 2‘-Clan“ durch den Kopf.
Zum Glück hatten GoE seit dem letzten Match ihre Def-Taktik etwas geändert und spielten jetzt noch effektiver. Während also unsere Flagge ein ums andere Mal rausging, schafften wir es höchstens mal, die gegnerische Flagge im Wassergraben ein wenig anzufeuchten.
Das Endergebnis lautete schliesslich 0:130 und war damit die höchste Niederlage, die wir seit über einem Jahr einstecken mussten. Traurig, nicht wahr? 😉


Da ich ja beide Seiten ausgiebig beobachten konnte, kann ich nur sagen: Super gespielt, GoE!! Es hat wirklich Spass gemacht, euch zuzuschauen und ich hoffe mal, dass wir dabei was für die Zukunft lernen konnten.

Hier der Bericht von GoE.

NVA vs MuF

On January 21st 2001 we played against MuF in BWTFCL. I remeber us playing sd2 and crossover2.

In sd2 we did as expected a good job and won 40:10. Then crossover2 was to be played. Some time ago we played three clanwars on this map and won two of them. One of these two was against the the famous D-Walk-crew 1999/2000, so we were really looking forward to this halftime. But then we practised some lousy playing in defense and lost halftime 20:40.



Again only a draw in a BWTFCL-game. Before the match started we were hoping to take all 3 points with us, but the way we played crossover2 made this impossible. Good game MuF .. and time for some train NVA. 😛

NVA vs Clan MDR

Our second game in BWTFCL was against Clan MDR from france. The maps for the match were not the best choice (we played rock2 the last time in july last year) and had too few def-guys so Iceman traded his job as offense-leader for a highly desires position as offense engie on the second map 🙂

NVA were sulking about bad map choice with SirElliot, EvilEls, Iceman, Warez, Riipa, OhGott, Nimrod and Rahvin

First Map was rock2 and we were not really surprised when our first run went awry. MDR def-tactic was similar to our own, except that they´d five people on defense including a second engie, so our scouts never really had a chance. Our defense was as narrow-minded about letting them have our key and so the usual rock2-typical run-against-heavy-def had begun. From what I heard MDR attacked coordinated but had nothing more than a few key touches. Our off was a little more successful for we got the key a few times near their gas chamber. Unfortunately we had to carry the key pace for pace and so MDR always had time to establish a efficient gas chamber defense. As expected the map ended 0:0.


Next map was well and we were hoping to be more successful here since the map is more open than rock2. We had five men def again and I think MDR, too. First run was better this time and some seconds after start we threw the flag out of their flagroom. Unfortunatly MDR def on the main entrace was really good and it was rather hard to open the grate since their hw did a really good job. During the map we got the flag some more times out of their flagroom but never out of the well room. My personal impression was that the tower def of MDR was not that good but it was unusually hard to get past the main or water entrance.
If I remember rightly MDR offense had a hard time getting near our flag for our defense was really good. There was only one time they had a chance to get our flag out. They carried the flag to our main entrance and though it was a tough fight we were able to let our flag return 🙂
I´ve never seen a well map end 0:0 but I guess there´s a first time for everything. No flag capped during the whole match …. mmmh, I guess that means extra offense training?! Iiieks! 😉


What a game! Thx to MDR for fair play and a cool game. Since I was on offense I think I have to hate Hilmater now 😉

First BWTFCL Match vs Suicidal Serial Killers

Hmm … my first report in english. I hope I´m not making too many mistakes 🙂
Our first match in Barry´s World TFC League was against SSK. We didn´t know the clan and just hoped we´d be good enough to beat them.

NVA practiced lousy playing with Riipa, OhGott, SirElliot, Gandhi, Warez, Iceman, Rahvin and Turrican.

First Map was shutdown_l. That map is rather old and we used to like it when it was new, but that was loooong ago. We didn´t find the right setup for our defense and so SSK hit the switch much to often. Because we knew we had a bad def on the map we only had a three man off but even with two engies we couldn´t keep SSK from touching the flag. Our offense was as unsuccessful in hitting the switch as our def was defending it and so all we accomplished was destroying their sentry now and then. SSK finally got the flag some minutes before the map ended and though we defended hard on the way out they could cap some two minutes before the map ended and won the map with 0:10


Because of the BWTFCL-rules all we could get now was a draw, since points count nothing here but only won maps. Nevertheless we hoped that we could win the map. The first run was good, we could touch the flag and get it to the basement. By then SSK had established their def and we had to watch the flag return 🙁
Both teams could get their hands on the nme-flag some seconds later and cap it. We got even a re-cap and some minutes and a lot of flag touches later the score was 40:20. We were really positive to win the map but then our defense completly broke apart. SSK had touch over touch and could re-cap the flag really fast. Soon the score was 50:50 and we were really desperate. Warez now changed to def but could not prevent a 6th cap by SSK. Some seconds before the map ended we were able to draw level and so this map ended 60:60.


All in all the match was rather disappointing for us. Allthough it was the first match after christmas-break we really expected a better match for us. Thanks to SSK for fair-play and a exciting match.